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High Point Auto Glass customers do you realize the role your windshield in your vehicle plays in the structure of your car?  Letting just anyone work on your car could in fact put you at a high risk of harm in the event of a roll over crash. Your car’s auto glass actually helps provide support to the roof of your vehicle. Using a glass company that does not specialize in auto glass replacement could put you or your family at risk.

The windows in your house keep the elements, such as rain and bugs, out. But the windshield in your car is part of your car’s safety restraint system. In the event of air bags being deployed, the passenger side air bag in cars equipped with a passenger side air bag uses your windshield to deflect the air bag. If you had your windshield installed improperly, your windshield could pop out in the even of an air bag being deployed against your windshield.

Impex Auto Glass is an auto glass only company.

You would not go to a foot doctor for heart surgery, so why trust your glass company to do your auto glass replacement, when that is not what they specialize in? At Impex Auto Glass, all we do is auto glass, day in and day out. Our company goal has always been to be focused on what we do best, that is Auto Glass Replacement & Repair. So the next time you need a shower door, call the other guys. But when you need quality Auto Glass Replacement at the most affordable price, for your safety and your family’s safety call Impex Auto Glass at 336.405.5830

High Point your choices for auto glass repair and replacement are no longer limited , let us show you the Impex Auto Glass difference.