You would not put poorly made tires on your car, so why would you do it with your windshield?

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Your windshield in your vehicle is a part of your vehicles structure, it is not just there to keep the bugs out of your teeth.  In the event of a rollover accident your vehicles windshield and other urethane bonded auto glass parts, help to increase the roof crush of your vehicle, keeping you safe during a rollover accident.  Your windshield and the sealants used to install them help make up potentially lifesaving roof crush strength that could help prevent your vehicles roof from smashing down on you or your family during a rollover accident.

When shopping for windshield replacement quotes, we highly recommend you do not just go by comments posted on the company’s local listing.  A fair amount of times if you actually take the time to look into these people that have posted these ratings and etc., you will find that most were created then just posted and they have no other posts.  Think about it, if you take the time to register to post how great or how bad something is why would they not take the time to do that for the pizza place that they order from regularly or there mechanic that changes their oil??  Just beware that some shady shops have been known to post reviews on their own products.

I want to mention that all auto glass sold in the USA to be legal must be approved , so a windshield from PGW (formerly PPG) is just as structurally sound as a windshield made by Pilkington.  Some consumers think that different brands hold up better than others, in this bloggers personal and professional opinion that is not the case.
There are a few factors that make up  a great windshield installation.

1.       When the windshield was removed and the old urethane (Sealant) was removed , did the glass installer prep and prime any scratches they might have made?  A improperly treated scratch even in the most driest climate could lead to rust forming which could compromise the safety of your windshield installation, and quite possibly the life of your vehicle.  Rust is like cancer and when not treated will spread and eat your car.

2.       The urethane used to replace your windshield is the most important key ingredient in a proper windshield installation.  Some glass company’s choose  to use a sub-standard product to put in windshields.  Some shops do it to save money, some do it because they just do not know any better.  Always ask when shopping for prices (if doing it by phone) what is the SDAT of the urethane that they use.  SDAT is the Safe Drive Away Time of the glue, what this means to you is that lets say that SDAT of one company’s glue is 6 hour and one is 1 hour.  What this means for you is that the 1 hour SDAT is safe for you to drive your vehicle away in 1 hour and in the event of a roll over crash your vehicles will meant federal FMVSS safety standards for roof crush which is FMVSS 216 .

In summary when shopping for auto glass replacement lower prices do not necessarily indicate a potential bad install.  There are shops that charge a fortune for auto glass replacement, yet they still choose to use sub standard material to make more money off you the consumer.

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