Someone shot my windshield with a BB gun!

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Almost weekly it seems we have windshield repair customers who come in to our shop saying that their windshields were broken by  someone with a BB gun.  However 99.99% this is not the case.  See when you’re driving down do the road at lets say 60 miles an hour, a small rock could get lodged in your tire and all the sudden get kicked out of the tire and thrown forward at a very high rate of speed.

The rock will be airborne, and in front of your vehicle and  will be going at a higher rate of speed than your vehicle, so much more that you actually able to hit your own vehicle with a rock thrown from your very own tire.  Do not be alarmed if this happens it is a common occurrence, and most rocks small enough to get caught in the tread of your tire would be approximately the size or smaller than a BB.  So it is very easy to confuse someone shooting your windshield with you breaking your own windshield and not even know that you did it.  Most smaller rocks have very sharp edged that would be more likely to cause a chip in your windshield as pictured below.

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So in summary the next time your windshield gets cracked and you do not see anyone around and your driving by yourself, rest assured you most likely threw a rock out of your own vehicle and broke your windshield.   To avoid this misfortune, try to avoid driving on the edge of the road as that is where most small rocks and debris collect, and could cause your tire to pick the debris up and give you a surprise when that road debris attacks your windshield.

You can trust Impex Auto Glass technicians as they all are  Auto Glass Safety Council registered technicians.

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