Avoiding costly windshield replacements in 2020

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With 2020 already being so un-predictable , you might think about things around your house that could be a potential problem. What you might know is that your Windshield could be a real problem if it has chip or crack that has not been repaired. Says Larry Diesbach from Impex Auto Glass .

Even if you have even a small chip in your windshield, should get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid some big problems when the ice and snow hits this winter.

A small chip could land your wallet empty this season without a simple auto glass repair to the chip. Auto Glass Replacement technicians do it every day, and can come right to where you work and fix your chips. However sometimes the damage does not disappear it is however a structural fix, says Diesbach


Windshield Chip
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Most Insurance companies will cover the cost of a auto glass replacement and repair if you have comprehensive insurance, with the exception of a few. This leaves you with money in your pocket and a windshield that will be structurally sound.

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Larry Diesbach also mentions that replacing your windshield before the extreme cold hits is always a good decision as a crack in your windshield can cause severe damage to wiper blades.

You’re driving along and a rock hits your windshield. Sometimes you are very lucky and it is a glancing blow with no long term evidence of the encounter. Sometimes the event results in a chip, star or bulls eye, and other times the impact results in a major event that requires the replacement of your windshield.

One fact cannot be denied, any damage that is seen will never get better on its own. Like a famous actor said, “Well, do you feel lucky?” If you have an experience that is repairable, it is best that the car glass repair occur as soon as possible. The question is not if but rather when will the impact point run and become un-repairable? Sure it might be a day or a week or a month or even longer but why tempt fate. Even though repairs are not necessarily free, they should cost you much less than your normal windshield deductible.

Just get the auto glass repair done. The clock is ticking or “do you feel lucky?” Eventually luck runs out. Contact your auto glass repair professional today!

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